Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

First Choice Victory Series

Ready for Anything

BMC is pleased to introduce our FirstChoice VICTORY Series, incredible values in the ‘defined benefit’ health insurance arena, underwritten by Manhattan Life. Highlights include:

  • Guaranteed Issue and Guaranteed Renewable!

  • All provider, any doctor or hospital!

  • Pays in addition to any other coverage!

  • Among the lowest premiums and highest payouts in the industry!

  • Three plan designs from which to choose!

Our BRIDGE plan is designed to work along side any ACA metallic design to provide the reasonable expectation that the client can be hospital confined for an average stay, after which they can be discharged owing little or no out-of-pocket cost for the stay!

Our BASIC plan is intended to accompany a Short Term Major Medical to once again fill the gaps left by deductibles and coinsurance for confinements of even average duration. BASIC is also often used with Christian Bill Sharing Ministries to provide a solid level of guaranteed insurance benefits.

Our DELUXE plan was designed for anyone who finds the ACA metallic plans unaffordable, but who also have pre-existing medical conditions that preclude them from being issued a short term major med policy.

There's so much more to this plan than meets the eye. Click here for Claims and Premium Comparison or here for a Claims Example.