Welcome to BMC

Most IMO, FMO marketing organizations select products
from reliable companies and promote them, so do we.
You will find several represented here, each chosen for the
quality of at least one outstanding plan in their portfolio.
But we don’t stop there. For almost 20 years BMC has been
instrumental in the design and development of unique
products, each of which created the solution for a
previously unserved need.

Our FirstChoice VICTORY Series, underwritten by
ManhattanLife, is the latest in our long line of proprietary,
‘niche’ plans. We arguably invented the “Guaranteed
Issue, Guaranteed Renewable” market, and we continue
to provide the best “benefit to premium” ratio in the
industry. Perhaps this is why, with your help, we have
welcomed almost 28,000 individuals and families into the
BMC FirstChoice fold within the last decade.

The ACA has been a literal godsend for many Americans,
but it does not work for everyone, as millions find the
premium cost out of reach. Others enjoy protection with
potential out-of-pocket costs (deductibles and
coinsurance) near $8,000 for individuals, and twice that for
a family...each year! This is why we developed the
FirstChoice program 10 years ago, and continue to refine
it today.

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Plans with a Purpose!

Our three FirstChoice options are not presented as ‘price points,’ but carefully tailored to satisfy
specific needs.

Our BRIDGE design is intended for those with a metallic ACA plan who see the value in adding a
small additional premium for a ‘defined benefit’ supplement that can give them the reasonable
expectation that after a period of confinement they could leave the hospital with little or no out
of pocket costs!

The BASIC plan works very well with a Short Term Major Medical plan to provide first-dollar
protection at a cost usually well below that of any ACA metallic plan level. It also provides a solid
level of guaranteed insurance benefits to augment a Christian Bill Sharing Ministry program.
For those unable to afford an ACA plan, but with pre-existing medical conditions that preclude
them from being eligible for a Short Term policy, we have the DELUXE plan. DELUXE represents the
highest levels of defined benefits in the “Guaranteed Issue, Guaranteed Renewable” market, and
does so at a premium well below the competition, while paying out high levels of agent
commissions. Peruse this site, and call us for details!

Michael O Benke,

CEO BMC Agency, Inc